Anchorage Protection Order Lawyer

MooseUnfortunately, the state of Alaska has a high incidence of domestic violence, especially in remote areas. When domestic abuse occurs, or even when a person is falsely accused of abusive behavior, a family issue can become a legal issue. In some divorces, this can prove to be a big factor in the outcome of the case.

A civil protective order can be obtained from a court in order to protect a victim of domestic violence, sometimes on the recommendation of child protective services. In cases where a parent has a history of domestic violence or where domestic violence is the basis of a child custody battle, an experienced lawyer can help.

We Can Help You Protect Your Rights And Your Safety

At the Law Office of Patrick G. Ross, we can represent you in domestic violence matters, whether you need help to protect your safety or the safety of your children, or you have been accused of inappropriate behavior and your rights are in jeopardy as a result. Attorney Patrick G. Ross has handled many situations involving:

  • Physical assault or sexual violence against a spouse, partner or family member
  • Threats of violence or aggression, harassment or abusive treatment
  • A person stalking or following an ex-spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Phone calls, texting, email or social media
  • Child protective services and social workers
  • Military divorce

Domestic violence matters can be extremely stressful. Depending on your circumstances, we can petition a court on your behalf, either to seek a civil protective order or to defend you against a protective order.

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