Divorce and Custody

Helping Parents Make Informed Decisions During an Alaska Divorce

MooseMany times, children pay a high emotional price during divorce. Bitter custody arguments are difficult for parents, but children often suffer more. If you are involved in a child custody dispute, a skilled attorney can help you minimize the impact on your children while protecting your interests.

At the Law Office of Patrick G. Ross, we always put children first. With more than 28 years of family law experience, our lawyer will work directly with you to reach a custody agreement that protects your child while meeting your needs. Call 907-277-7677 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Anchorage office.

Going Through Divorce with Kids

Contested, uncontested and military divorces are always more emotionally difficult when children are involved. As a parent, you are likely struggling to balance your needs with the desire to protect your child. We understand. And we can help.

You understand your child's needs better than anyone else. Our attorney will work closely with you while negotiating with your spouse. Your child custody and parenting time plan could take many forms. Custody disputes involve making decisions regarding the following issues:

  • Legal custody — Which parent will make decisions about schooling, health care, religion and other important matters? Parents can have joint or sole legal custody.
  • Physical custody — Where will your children live? One parent may have primary physical custody while the other has secondary custody, or parents can choose to share physical custody.
  • Parenting time — Also called visitation, parenting time refers to each parent's right to spend time with their children. We will help you develop a creative parenting time arrangement that truly meets your family's needs.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and problem in Alaska, which often complicates custody disputes. If domestic violence is an issue in your divorce and custody dispute, we will help you understand your rights and protect them, as well as the children.

Anytime your divorce involves making decisions about your children, it is important to turn to an experienced, compassionate attorney. Call 907-277-7677 or contact us online to let us help you create a better future for your family.