Family Law Overview

Compassionate Family Law Representation in Alaska

FamilyFamily law issues encompass private matters. Whether you are going through a divorce or adopting a child, emotions can run high. It can be difficult to find a lawyer who will handle your case with the compassion and understanding that is needed.

At the Law Office of Patrick G. Ross in Anchorage, we have more than 28 years of family law experience. We work hand-in-hand with you to make decisions that will protect your interests and the people you love. Call 907-277-7677 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with an experienced Alaska attorney.

Complete Family Law Representation

Many legal concerns fall under the family law umbrella. Anytime you need legal guidance for an issue that will impact your family, we will take time to listen to you and help you understand your rights.

Over the past two decades, we have helped clients meet their family law needs regarding:

  • Divorce — Every divorce is unique. We will help you identify all of the issues involved in your divorce, such as the initial separation terms, the division of property and debt distribution and spousal support or maintenance.
  • Child Custody and Visitation — Children often bear the greatest emotional burden and pay the highest cost when parents fight over custody. We will work with you to acknowledge and protect your children's best interests by reaching a parenting time agreement that meets their needs.
  • Adoption — People choose to adopt for many reasons. We have extensive experience with local adoptions, including step-parent adoptions.
  • Paternity Disputes — Both parents have rights. We will represent your interests during paternity disputes, as well as the child custody and support battles that can result.
  • Guardianships for Children with Special Needs — We all want what is best for the people we care about. If a loved one is unable to care for himself or herself, we will help you obtain guardianship rights, so you are able to effectively protect them.
  • Military Divorce — We have experience handling the unique aspects of military divorce. We are familiar with the division of military benefits, such as retirement and pension.

You are the only one who can fully understand what your family needs. This is why our lawyer will work directly with you throughout your case. Combining our legal skills with your knowledge about your family, we will reach a solution that is in your family's best interests.

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